1. Notify all utility companies.
  2. Put in “Change of Address” with the Post Office.
  3. Return your keys to your Property Manager and leave them with your forwarding address for refundable deposit disbursement.

It is your obligation to leave the residence in a clean and rentable condition, normal wear and tear excepted.
All of these areas are a condition for having your refundable security/damage deposits and/or portions thereof returned:

General Area
  1. Walls and ceiling must be washed and all marks removed.
  2. Carpets must be vacuumed and/or professionally shampooed by professional cleaning service ONLY (keep receipt and provide to the Property Manager).
  3. Blinds must be cleaned and drapes must be cleaned by a reliable laundry or drapery service (DO NOT MACHINE WASH DRAPES).
  4. Windows, mullions, and tracks must be cleaned and free of debris.
  5. Light fixtures (must have working light bulbs), door knobs, and all household hardware must be cleaned.
  6. All tile, vinyl and wood floors must be cleaned.
  7. Storage areas must be cleared out and cleaned.
  8. All closets are to be cleaned including the walls and shelves inside the closet.
  9. Balcony, porch, or lanai must be cleared and cleaned
  10. Make any necessary repairs of drywall damage not noted in “move-in walk through” such as nail/tack holes etc.
  11. Furnace air filter must be replaced and/or cleaned if electronic.
  12. Refrigerator Filter, if applicable must be replaced.
  1. Refrigerator must be defrosted and cleaned including crisper drawers.
  2. Range must have the oven pans, broiler pans (if provided) and shelves cleaned or replaced.
  3. Hood and exhaust fans must be cleaned including filters washed free of grease and lint.
  4. Dishwasher must be cleaned and in operating order.
  5. Cabinets must have all contact paper (if applied) and goods removed and shelves cleaned.
  6. Floor and container under refrigerator (if there is one) must be cleaned.
  7. Disposal must be flushed out.
  1. Tile, grout and vinyl must be washed (especially around shower/tub/toilet) and all mildew must be removed.
  2. Medicine cabinet must be cleaned including mirror and shelves.
  3. Tub, basin, showers and toilets must be cleaned thoroughly.
  4. All cabinets must be cleaned inside and out.
Bedroom, Living and Dining Room Areas
  1. Walls cleaned and marks removed.
  2. Windows, mullions and tracks cleaned.
  3. Carpets professionally shampooed (keep receipt and provide to the Property Manager)
  4. Light fixtures and base boards (including heaters) cleaned and dusted.
  1. Lawn must be mowed and edged.
  2. Yard must be raked and free of fallen leaves.
  3. All beds must be free of weeds.
Outdoor Areas, Patios, Balconies, etc.
  1. Must be cleared of all resident possessions, cleaned, and trashed removed.

A statement defining any portions of the deposit together with the payment of any refund due the tenant under the terms and conditions of the rental agreement will be processed within the time allotted under the Washington State Landlord Tenant Act. In the event, the unit/property has incurred damage or is left in a condition which the tenant is responsible that the cost to remedy or repair such damage or condition exceeds the amount of the tenant’s damage or security deposit the statement/invoice is due and payable upon receipt, unless otherwise stated and agreed upon.