Owner FAQs

How much will my property rent for?

You can request a free, no-obligation, comprehensive rent analysis from Acres Property Management. We provide a customized analysis for each property using Rent-o-meter services so that you can have a piece of mind that you are getting the best value for your investments.

What types of rental homes do we manage?

ACRES Property Management specializes in single family rental homes, multiplexes, small-mid sized apartment complexes up to 75 units, and small to mid-sized commercial properties.

What happens if I have a maintenance or repair issue at my rental property?

We utilize PropertyWare software to automate and improve on the maintenance process. Tenants have 24/7 access to their portals where they can submit maintenance or repair requests. Our dedicated management team will troubleshoot and resolve the issue in a timely manner, maintaining tenant satisfaction. In addition, our team goes through preventative maintenance, keeping costs down for owners.

How is maintenance of the property handled?

We take the maintenance of our properties very seriously. We have internalized the maintenance with our own maintenance division in order to control both quality and cost. Our local maintenance staff is trained on how to make repairs quickly and efficiently, and which materials to use to achieve the best results. If the job is outside our capability then we will hire a contractor and supervise their work. However, you are not required to use us. With any repair over $500 we get your approval first before proceeding.

How do you screen tenants?

First, we typically conduct an initial phone screening, then a personal interview during in-person showings of the property. While the prospect is checking out the house, we are checking them out! We use a 3rd party agency to verify previous and/or current landlords. This is a key step as it allows us to delve into the applicant’s background deeper than just getting an ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ from a computer model. We also verify income with pay stubs or other documentation.

Tenant screening is a critical step in the application process. Acres Property Management applies a rigorous screening process to each applicant so that tenants are qualified prior to moving in. 

We screen applicants for the following:

  1. Falsifying information on the application. This is grounds for rejection.
  2. Valid, verifiable government issued identification.
  3. Income minimums/resources are verified to ensure they have the ability to pay all deposits, fees, first and last month’s rent as required, prior to move-in or as otherwise required by law and/or landlord. 
  4. No more than 2 adults occupants per bedroom. 
  5. Have an established credit in good standing.
  6. Verifiable rental history.

How long will it take to lease up my property?

That is impossible to say. Each property is unique in its location, amenities, and features it offers. In addition, market conditions will also dictate lease up times. 2-6 weeks is a good starting point, but in no way represents what may actually be the time required for your property. We’ve had property get rented in much less — and much more — time than that! If a property remains vacant for very long, we will contact you to discuss options. Pricing your property competitively and having it in the best condition possible for showing are crucial to effective marketing.

Can you help with staging of my property?

Yes, we do that all the time. The presentation of your property is a key element in getting it rented quickly and at top dollar.

How do you advertise? Who pays for it?

Marketing fees are 100% covered with placement fees. An owner/landlord doesn’t pay for any additional marketing efforts. ACRES Property Management provides::

–          Professional interior/exterior photography

–          3D tour/virtual tour of the property

–          Contactless self-showing keybox

–          Syndication to various websites, that include Zillow group (Zillow, hotpad, trulia), zumper, craigslist, rentpath, apartments, homes , rentals, rently, and many more.

–          Syndication through local MLS

–          Installation of sign post (if needed)

–          Daily lead database update

–          Extensive phone and email follow up with existing leads.

Should I allow pets, smoking, and children?

We love pets — we just aren’t convinced all tenants know how to keep a pet inside. For that reason, we leave that decision up to each owner. We typically advise owners that if there is carpet in the dwelling to not allow pets unless the carpet is near the end of its useful life where replacement is imminent. If pets are allowed, we collect pet rent and a bump in the security deposit. In addition, each pet goes through a screening process through a third party – petscreening.com to ensure that pet policies are enforced and to help create a pet responsible environment.

We typically permit a “limited smoking policy” that permits the Tenants to smoke outside the home/unit. But ultimately the choice is yours and we will implement whatever policy you prefer. Children, or family size, is a protected class under Fair Housing Laws. As such we do not (nor cannot) discriminate based on family structure or size. We are a fair and honest management company that seeks to find the best possible candidate regardless of family size or other protected classes.

What are service animals?

Service animals are a relatively new class of occupant that the law in Washington has only vaguely defined. Some people with a physical or mental disability have found that a service animal helps them with their condition. The law has gone one step further by saying that a landlord cannot discriminate against someone with a service animal. In short, the animal is not technically a “pet” and must be treated the same as any other occupant.

We screen household pets using petscreening.com, helping validate assistance animals versus pets to add an extra layer of liability protection.

What happens if the rent is not received on time?

If rent has not been paid by the 5th then we give the tenant a call or email. If we do not hear from them then we issue a 14-day Pay Rent or Vacate Notice. After 14 days is up, if the rent is still not paid, we begin eviction proceedings. We work diligently with our tenants to avoid eviction and get tenants with past due rent on a repayment plan. Sometimes if the rent is not paid on time then you, the owner or landlord, may not receive a check for that month. For that reason we recommend Owners and Landlords keep an extra month’s mortgage payment in their bank account.

What happens if the tenants break the lease?

ACRES Property Management’s lease termination clause as seen in the lease agreement:

TERMINATION/ABANDONMENT OF PROPERTY: If a resident shall terminate their tenancy and/or abandon the property prior to the fulfillment of the terms provided herein (“Early Termination”) Resident shall be liable for additional rent as provided for in RCW 59.18.310. Property Manager is authorized to call and recover any remaining unpaid monies for the entire term, provided herein, including monthly rental payments, utilities, late fees and cleaning fees. Residents hereby understands and agrees that upon such event, all such amounts immediately become due and payable and Property Manager is authorized to apply and disburse any and all amounts held in trust hereunder towards the accelerated balance.

Additionally and immediately payable upon Resident’s notification and/or Property Manager becoming aware of Resident’s Early Termination of this lease Resident will be assessed and responsible for an Early Termination fee of $750 dollars, an additional Resident Placement fee of 50% of Resident’s rent, and the payment of all utilities and property expenses until a new resident is placed in the Property.

How are security deposits handled?

Security deposits are held by us in a trust account. When the tenant moves out, we retain that portion of the deposit necessary to potentially restore the property into a ‘rentable condition’  repair any damage exceeding normal wear and tear. Any balance is returned to the tenant. ‘Normal wear and tear’ are a vague term that the courts have typically danced around. Our approach is to treat everyone fairly.

Can you help me with my difficult tenants?

Most certainly. We have helped many landlords get out of a sticky situation with a tenant. We have developed skill sets we can apply to most situations, so things don’t get ugly.

Is the $500 retainage every month?

No. This is a rolling balance to cover any incidental costs that may come up over the course of the month.

Do you offer properties for sale?

Yes. We have experienced realtors on staff who can help you through the entire sale process. Simply call or email us and we will have someone contact you.

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