Acres Property Management will show you the way to maximize your investment property income. Our program is customizable with many services and products for your individual needs.

What are Acres Property Management’s responsibilities as the property manager?

Whether you are choosing the furnished or unfurnished property management program, we will do the work for you. Therefore you will have the time to concentrate on other priorities in your life.

As your property manager, Acres Property Management will be responsible for all the property management services. Tenants requests, complaints and other assignments that come along when leasing a property, will be handled by Acres Property Management.

While Acres Property Management’s property management team is managing your property, our unique and sophisticated online technology allows you to stay connected and be involved with the ongoing management of your property.

Acres Property Management’s Property Management Services:

Monthly Rent Collection

Acres Property Management will execute the lease agreement on behalf of you, the landlord.

For properties managed by Acres Property Management, we collect rents, implement annual increases as permitted by law and issue 3-day notices to pay or quit when required.

24/7 Emergency Services

Your tenants call us – not you – and we respond any time of day or night. Also see tenant relations.

Round the Clock Services

  • View our marketing efforts from pictures to text
  • View current month-to-date, year-to-date or last year’s financial statements
  • View invoices for maintenance work orders
  • View current and future reservations

Repair and Maintenance

Our maintenance team takes over the basics for you on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly schedule.

Monthly and Annual Statements

Acres Property Management issues income and expense statements with every check or electronic payment to the owner, and shows all month-to-date activity. A final month-end statement shows all the month’s activity and should be retained for year-end tax purposes.

Monthly statements can be sent either electronically, or via mail at no additional fee.

Disbursement and Bill Paying

We will make, on your behalf, regularly scheduled payables such as mortgage payments, insurance, utilities and homeowner’s fees, if applicable.

We will automatically process any interest due on tenant security deposits held by Acres Property Management.

Tenant Relations

A good relationship to our customers, your tenant, is our interest. Our tenant relations associate will be your tenant’s main contact person.

  • Personal tenant contact
  • Rent collection and processing
  • Consistent/formal tenant move-out process
  • Co-ordinate tenant’s official 30-day move-out notice
  • Performance of departure inspections
  • Annual inspections
  • Annual rent increases
  • Organize any applicable legal notices like 3-day notice and 6.14

Rent Increases

An annual rent increase to tenants in our residential management, per the terms of the residential lease agreement, will be served by Acres Property Management.

Any commercial tenant rent increases will be served in accordance with the current lease agreement.

Property Inspections

An annual inspection of each property in our management program will be performed by Acres Property Management. In addition, Acres Property Management performs a departure inspection after each tenant vacates a property.

Document Management

Detailed files for all property correspondence, billing, etc. will be maintained by Acres Property Management. These files are available for owner when necessary.

“Let us be your Property Manager so you can concentrate on your priorities in life…”

Do you want Acres Property Management to find a qualified tenant for you?

If you prefer to handle the day-to-day management of your property, but you wish to get help in finding a qualified tenant, or you want both, then learn more about our furnished property rental program or residential leasing program.

Property Leasing Services

  • Property Analysis
  • Property Marketing
  • Applicant Screening
  • Execute Lease