Seattle Rental Property Assessment Services For Homeowners

Tailored Inspection Services for Seattle Property Owners and Investors

Do you have a rental property and are you trying to decide how to best maximize your investment returns? ACRES Property Management offers an expert property assessment!

We carry out a detailed property assessment, including a visual report of the property condition, allowing you to know the improvements that can add value and potentially increase the profitability of your property.

Conduct Comprehensive Rental Property Assessment With Us

Why burden yourself with all rental assessment responsibilities when you can trust an expert? At ACRES Property Management, our multi-disciplinary team of experts ensures that your rental property remains habitable, competitive and appealing to your quality tenants at all times. We understand the importance of regular rental property assessment and how it affects the value of your Seattle rental property and its vacancy rate. Our periodic property assessment services protect your Seattle rental property against potential damage and early deterioration and help you evaluate its best market performance. We have deep insight into the current rental market that helps us set competitive rental prices, making the most out of your Seattle investment.

Book a rental property assessment with ACRES Property Management to discuss your rental requirement. Let us forecast the best-suited rental model for your Seattle property and the maximum rent you can expect.

Forecast your costs
Get a detailed visual report
Improve rental value
Ensure less chance of void period
Improve capital value
Thorough market research
Comprehensive rental analysis
Competitive rental prices

How We Assess Your Seattle Rental Property

We offer step-by-step rental assessments with our experienced letting professionals that includes valuation on your property, advice on its condition and recommendations to improve its market performance.


Evaluating The Physical Condition

We have a proactive evaluation system that encompasses each aspect of your property, including roof, foundation, plumbing, HVAC and electrical. We perform general upkeep of your property and carry regular maintenance to boost the habitability of your property.


Determining The Financial Performance

We continuously track the returns and profits on your property to determine its financial performance. Our team reviews your monthly/yearly profit after deducting expenses related to vacancy, repairs and maintenance to ensure whether you have positive cash flow.


Conducting A Market Comparison

We conduct thorough market research to ensure if your property is priced correctly and competitively. Our team conducts extensive analysis of nearby rental properties in the area similar to yours in location, size, condition, age and amenities to get the most accurate market comparison and calculate the price.


Setting Competitive Rental Prices

After conducting a detailed assessment of your property and collecting valuable data, we review the information against various rental models that might work for your property and analyze the data to create an assessment report and set the competitive rental prices.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Basic Info

What is rental property assessment?

A rental property assessment is a complete evaluation of your unit that helps you track the condition of your rental, understand its financial performance, set the right rental prices and maximize its capital value.

How long does it take?

Ideally, a property assessment report will be available within three to six weeks after completing the assessment process.

Why is it necessary to reassess property?

Since Seattle is a competitive rental market, property values keep rising and following over time. Regular reassessment of the property allows owners to track current rental value and set the right prices accordingly to increase profit.

How do I read my assessment notice?

We provide an annual assessment notice to our clients, indicating changes in your property’s assessed value and the taxable value. The numbers reflect the potential rent of the property and the value you will pay taxes on.

Service Info

How will local assessment caps affect me?

It depends on the percentage of taxable assessments set by the local government. You will get greater savings if the percentage set by the government is lower.

What should I do if I don’t agree with the assessment?

Owners may appeal to a new market value within a few days. We can discuss your appeal through personal meetings, phone calls and emails and give you a decision based on the total market value of the property.

What happens if the real estate market goes down?

Seattle is a competitive rental market. Hence, the chances that it will go down are very less. But if it happens, our team will consider the current rental prices and recommend the best value for your property, ensuring profit.

What if I have more questions about the assessment?

You can approach us anytime to solve your queries concerning rental property assessments and taxation. We are available around the clock to resolve all your doubts.

Regular Walk-Throughs

We conduct walk-throughs and move-in and out inspections at quarterly intervals to evaluate the condition of your property. Our professional inspectors cover every corner of the property to spot significant alterations and fix them on priority to maintain the value of your property and boost its performance in the Seattle rental market.

Complete Lease Compliance

We ensure lease compliance while performing rental assessments regarding the number of occupants, type of pets, smoking and more. We strictly follow the rules and regulations from the fair housing laws to ensure your tenants have a safe and habitable rental home.

Well-Maintained Homes

Our qualified and experienced contractors perform preventative maintenance at cost-effective prices to prevent major repair issues from escalating and reduce operational costs. They offer quality maintenance and repair services at reasonable prices, keeping your property safe and habitable in the long run.

Jan 28, 2022
Google ACRES Property Management
I have been working with ACRES Property Management for the past 14 months - what a terrific company! They ensure that the property is rented to a qualified tenant. I am grateful to ACRES!
Oct 7, 2021
Google ACRES Property Management
Robert and Josh have been amazingly helpful in managing my properties and keep a professional attitude throughout the two years that I have known them for.
Aug 11, 2021
Google ACRES Property Management
I was reminded today of how a rental company or landlord can really make or break your experience when renting. About 5 months ago, we found a house to rent through Acres and I reached out to inquire about it. Josh and Tetiana were our points of contact as we asked questions, went to see the property and, ultimately, signed the lease. They were friendly, professional and just made this an incredibly smooth process so we had been looking forward to working with them. Not long after we moved in, we received a call from a very rude lady stating that they were taking over but would not say why. Initially, I thought they were from a different property management company but just recently found out that she is the owner. We have not enjoyed this change as she has continued to be unpleasant and hard to work with. There's a maintenance issue that we first requested to be taken care of nearly 5 months ago that has yet to be fixed despite our constant requests for this of as it's actually a hazard. I still do not know the reasoning behind the change in management but, based on the leasing process, Acres is a 5 star company and I am bummed that they are not the ones handling the property we're renting.
Jul 26, 2021
Google ACRES Property Management
Rented a property for 3 years at from Acres. Everyone was kind and very responsive during our time with them. Would recommend.
Jul 19, 2021
Google ACRES Property Management
Over the past several years Acres Property Management has managed two properties for me. Led my Josh Auxier , the team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in finding good renters in addition to navigating them current city and county rental codes. Both professional and personable the team has been timely in responding to my inquiries.
Jun 24, 2021
Google ACRES Property Management
Acres Property Management is the best Property Management company I've had the pleasure of working. Josh and his team never let me down once. They ensured my property was just as important to them as it was to me. Very professional, ensured all.of my concerns were answered and taken care of.

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