A sudden, urgent, unexpected occurrence requiring immediate action

We have further defined it as imminent damage to your residence and/or the surrounding units. Of course, if there is an issue that is creating imminent danger to your and your family’s health, safety, or danger to your life, call 911 immediately.

Emergency issues appropriate to notify us about outside of standard business hours are most often limited to the following few issues:

UNSTOPPABLE AND ACTIVE FLOODING: – Actively spraying/flooding water that cannot be stopped by: (1) turning off the angle valve found under your sink or at the wall by your toilet; (2) turning off the valve on top of or behind your hot water heater; or (3) turning off water at the main water meter usually at the street or sidewalk outside of your house (if you are in a single family home).

FIRE: can quickly become an EMERGENCY – first use your fire extinguisher and/or call 911 and the fire department.

HEATING: Complete and total heating failure, if you have a secondary source (fireplace), limited heat, or its over 50 degrees outside – it’s usually not an emergency.

SAFETY: Break-in, vandalism, etc. that has left the property open to the elements and un-secured. (Most commonly broken window on ground level) – first call 911 and/or the police.

Most issues are not an emergency and can be dealt with most effectively by submitting a standard maintenance request to be dealt with on the next business day or in the appropriate 72 hour or 10 day time frame as set forth in the Landlord/Tenant Act.

If you believe there is a significant danger to your or your family’s health or safety – call 911. Then notify us. If your emergency is potential or active danger to the property call the office at 206-696-ACRE (2273) and leave a detailed message. We will be notified and will respond as soon as possible.

In the event, you believe your situation is undoubtedly an EMERGENCY. Have whatever repairs done as economically as quickly and economically as possible. You will be reimbursed for your out of pocket expenses AS LONG AS THE CALL WAS JUSTIFIED AS AN EMERGENCY.

We have provided a list of vendors for your convenience.

Plumbing: Green Planet Plumbing http://www.greenplanetplumbing.com/emergency-plumbing/ 206-937-1220

HEATING: Advanced Energy Services http://www.advancedenergysavers.com/contact-us.html 206-241-7930

FIRE: CALL 911 and/or the Fire Department

Remember, this must be an emergency that cannot wait until the next business day to be repaired, and creating or MAY create property damage. INCONVENIENCE IS NOT CONSIDERED AN EMERGENCY.